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Looking to safely buy, sell or lease your IPv4 addresses? Here’s how

The IPv4 shortage has caused the worldwide monetization of IPv4 addresses. This new financial asset has since sparked a trend of specialized brokers aiming to facilitate IPv4 transactions between parties. With this, they ensure the safe and transparent enterprise of scarce IPv4 addresses. 


Scarcity upholds market position 


The depletion of IPv4 addresses has come to an all-time high at the end of November 2019 when the RIPE NCC announced its last IPv4 addresses were allocated. They had now run out of IPv4 addresses. From this point onwards, a trade in IPv4 addresses emerged. 


As with all commodities, the IPv4 exhaustion gave way to brokers mediating between selling and buying parties. Surplus IPv4 addresses can now be sold or put up for lease against attractive rates.  


Given the rapid price increases of IPv4 addresses, many young businesses have since been struggling to obtain the addresses. Their limited funds do not allow the purchase of IPv4 addresses and prevent them from getting started. However, with the opportunity to lease IPv4 addresses, these businesses are able to make use of this scarce asset.


Your partner in IPv4 addresses


The process of IPv4 transactions is complex and subject to an abundance of rules and regulations. In addition, the transfer of funds and registration of ownership require decent understanding of the commodity. A mediating party can help you find trusted buyers and sellers as well as handle the transfer of money and registration. 


Are you looking for a reliable partner in IPv4 transactions? Prefix Broker is the industry leader in facilitating the commercial transaction and transfer of IPv4 addresses. With their expertise and market insights, this RIPE NCC broker supports parties in leasing, buying or selling IPv4 addresses. 


Safe transactions guaranteed


Prefix Broker has been involved in the architecture of the current RIPE transfer policies and adhere to them by the letter. This allows for safe transactions only between parties authorized to trade. Moreover, Prefix Broker is able to provide guidance in negotiations on price, timing, governing law and currency as well as assist in obtaining approval for transfers by the RIR. 


Based on more than a decade of experience in coordinating IPv4 address transactions, Prefix Broker guides the process start to finish and handles all details in a professional, transparent and proper manner.